More than 40 years experience with elastomers and polymers has resulted in the research & development of a range of pressure relieving products using the latest visco elastic materials.
Visco elastic polymers, developed originally for manned space flight, have been modified to create a resting surface giving maximum pressure relief for patients when lying down, sitting up in bed, or chair bound.
Clinical trials and over 20 years use in busy hospitals have already proven the efficiency and durability of Thermocontour products.
Gently cradling the body as the surface warms through, the polymer reacts to temperature and moulds to the contours of the body.
Thermocontour products present a major advance in preventing the development of pressure ulcers.

Ag+ Silver Ions

Known for many years, silver is a natural antimicrobial element. It releases ions to eliminate bacteria and fungi.

Research and development has perfected a method of applying silver ions treatment to the warp knitted textile and the final coating in an economical way while remaining effective against:

MRSA   •   E-Coli   •   Clostridium difficile   •   Salmonella   •   Legionella

Barrington Healthcare is using coated textiles with silver ions for all its “Vigilance” covers. Appearance, texture, fire safety, and all other technical features remain unaltered. Unlike Triclosan, Ag+ Silver Ions treatment (also known as nano-technology) does not wash out, helping to protect the environment from chemical pollution.