More than 40 years experience with elastomers and polymers has resulted in the research & development of a range of pressure relieving products using the latest visco elastic materials.
Visco elastic polymers, developed originally for manned space flight, have been modified to create a resting surface giving maximum pressure relief for patients when lying down, sitting up in bed, or chair bound.
Clinical trials and over 20 years use in busy hospitals have already proven the efficiency and durability of Thermocontour products.
Gently cradling the body as the surface warms through, the polymer reacts to temperature and moulds to the contours of the body.
Thermocontour products present a major advance in preventing the development of pressure ulcers.


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Fire Safety & Hygiene
  • Fire resistance certified to all international standards
  • Tropical Test BS 3424 Part 12


The Princess Margaret Hospital
Infection Control Test Result
- Pathology Report 1
- Pathology Report 2
CPR Report


Regulatory Compliance CE - Medical Devices
Agency (MHRA)
June 1999

HANDLING: The covers should be handled with care. The mattress weighs circa 11-12.5 kgs depending on size.

IN SERVICE: No preparation is needed.The products can be put into service immediately. For the mattress use an ordinary cotton sheet. No mattress protector should be used. The breathable surface absorbs perspiration but remains liquidproof.

STORAGE: The mattress can be stored flat, on the side, or on end without damage. It is not affected by freezing nor high temperatures up to 60°C. It should always be stored with the original cover in place.