More than 40 years experience with elastomers and polymers has resulted in the research & development of a range of pressure relieving products using the latest visco elastic materials.
Visco elastic polymers, developed originally for manned space flight, have been modified to create a resting surface giving maximum pressure relief for patients when lying down, sitting up in bed, or chair bound.
Clinical trials and over 20 years use in busy hospitals have already proven the efficiency and durability of Thermocontour products.
Gently cradling the body as the surface warms through, the polymer reacts to temperature and moulds to the contours of the body.
Thermocontour products present a major advance in preventing the development of pressure ulcers.


Over 40 Years of polymer and elastomer foam technology has been brought to bear on the production of a trouble free static mattress and cushion for the prevention of pressure ulcers in acute care and long term care patients.

The basis for the products is a thermo dynamic polymer, commonly known as visco-elastic, which softens under body temperature to mould around the body and relieve pressure.

The initial guiding principles to be achieved were to develop a product range to:

  • Reduce pressure on the body to prevent pressure ulcers
  • Reduce friction and sheering force
  • Create a comfortable and well ventilated surface
  • Permit easy dis-infection and simple maintenance
  • Reduce patient turning regime from 2 hours to 4 hours
  • Ease access to the patient by nursing staff
  • Ensure durability
  • Be cost efficient


All these principles have been achieved in the products developed by Barrington Healthcare International. The development process included consultation with medical professionals such as Consultant Surgeon Geoffrey Spencer at St. Thomas Hospital London and practical testing at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor, and Westminster Health Care homes for long term care. The tests proved positive and further refinement led to the first deliveries in early 1995.


Thermocontour products were the first pressure relieving products to be awarded the CE mark in May 1995.

The products are exclusively distributed by leading suppliers to the health industry. A start was made in the United Kingdom in 1995; Italy, Ireland and Japan in 1996, France and the USA in 1999 and now in use worldwide.

The product range consists of :

  • Acute care and long term care mattresses
  • Trolley mattresses
  • Wheelchair and bedside chair cushions
  • Lower leg support

All are made with differing grades of visco-elastic polymer.

All components used in manufacture meet exacting industry standards.

Finished products are subject to "zero-fault" standards with strict final inspection before delivery.